How to find Waking Dream Portals and what are the rewards


In the Dreamsurge event area, there are small portals scattered around that are a bit tricky to find. They don't show up on the map or mini map, so it takes some effort to locate them.

When you interact with one of these portals, a few extra creatures will appear, but not too many. Eventually, a tough enemy will show up. The interesting part is that you can take on this strong foe by yourself.

WAKING SHORES - Waking Dream Portals (minor fire portals)

All Minor portal locations I have seen in Waking Shores.


If you want a better chance of finding these portals in the zone, you can use a rarescanner tool. It's a helpful addition that will make a sound and show you where the portal is on your map and minimap when you get close. This way, cool addon creators like Tomcat might be able to include these portals on the maps to help players even more.

When you defeat the elite mob, and collect its loot, you have a chance to obtain the following items:

  • 1 Drake Crest Fragment
  • 10 Dreamsurge Coalescence, which serves as a currency to purchase 402 Veteran Gear from a Dreamsurge vendor.
  • 1-3 Charred Elemental Remains. If you gather 20 of these remains, you can combine them for a special reward: the Renewed Magmammoth mount.
  • You will have a chance of looting a 402 Veteran Gear Token. This token is either a plate/leather/mail/cloth armor or a ring/necklace token, or a weapon token. You can basically have a chance on any type of gear slot except for trinkets. 
5 Aug 2023