How to farm Artisan´s Mettle - Dragonflight Guide

Artisan´s Mettle is used for various things such as profession crafting and currency to buy from the Artisan´s Consortium vendor. Here are the different ways you can farm Artisan´s Mettle. 

Weekly free Artisan´s Mettle

Once you have completed a small questline with Thomas Bright located in The Artisan´s Market in Valdrakken, you will get a weekly quest. 

This weekly quest will reward you with 75 Artisan´s Mettle just by talking to him and complete the quest. 

Profession Crafting

Everytime you craft something that you never crafted before, you will be rewarded with Artisan´s Mettle 

Higher quality items rewards 5 Artisan´s Mettle.
Lower quality items rewards 1 Artisan´s Mettle.

For example:
When crafting a gear with ilvl 340, you get 1 Artisan´s Mettle.
When craftina gear with ilvl 350+, you get 5 Artisan´s Mettle.

Dragon Shard of Knowledge

This is an item that you turn in to The Master Artisan, called Khadin and located in Ohn´aran Plains. West of Maruukai. See map. He is inside the cave.

Once you have completed the pre-quest, you will unlock the turning in Dragon Shard of Knowledge. Turning in a Dragon Shard of Knowledge, will reward you with 

  • 25 Artisan´s Mettle
  • 1 Dragon Isles Knowledge of your profession.


23 Nov 2022