How to complete Support Your Local Artisans Achievement - Love is in the Air

A new achievement is added to the Love is in the air achievment called "Support your local Artisans".

This achievement requires you to donate 70000 gold. Yes, you donate 70000 gold and you get the achievement. 

This is completed during several days buy donating 500 or 10000 gold per day and once you reach 70000 gold, you will earn the achievement.

To donate: 

1) Head to Stormwind / Orgrimmar entrance.
2) There you will see an NPC called Galvus Ironhammer for stormwind or Torgando Featherhoof for Orgrimmar. 
3) Donate 5000 or 10000 gold and you are done for the day. Come back the day after and do it again until you reach 75000 gold donated. 

5 Feb 2024