What you get from Quantum Transmog items

In patch 10.1.5, there is a new type of item called Quantum which are items that will turn into a transmog appearance. 

For amor, there are 5 armor slots: 

  • Quantum Chestpiece
  • Quantum Legs
  • Quantum Gloves
  • Quantum Shoulders
  • Quantum Headpiece

So there is no Quantum for backs, wrist, waist, and feet. 

For weapons, there are 17 weapon types: 

  • Quantum GreatswordTwo-Handed Sword
  • Quantum CrossbowCrossbow
  • Quantum WarglaivesWarglaives
  • Quantum SwordOne-Handed Sword
  • Quantum StaffStaff
  • Quantum BowBow
  • Quantum KnucklesFist Weapon
  • Quantum PolearmPolearm
  • Quantum FocusOff-Hand 
  • Quantum GreataxeTwo-Handed Axe
  • Quantum FirearmGun
  • Quantum KnifeDagger
  • Quantum AxeOne-Handed Axe
  • Quantum Mace One-Handed Mace
  • Quantum ShieldShield
  • Quantum GreathammerTwo-Hand Mace
  • Quantum WandWand

Where to get Quantum items from?

You get them from the last boss in the new Megadungeon. Dawn of the Infinite which is a new 8 man dungeon coming out in patch 10.1.5. 

Everyone in the group will get a quantum item 100%. 

What type of transmog does a Quantum item become?

You will get a random transmog item that you have not collected before from previous expansions. I have done over 20 runs, killing the last boss in the megadungeon and when comparing all 5 players Quantum loot on all those runs this is my conclusion.

  • The Quantum can become common, rare or epic. 
  • I have not seen any gray items but I think @Leyst got a white item. I have also not seen legendary items. 
  • The items vary from previous boss loot, trash loot in raid/dungeon and world drop. I have not seen any items that come from quests. 
  • The items can be very easy to get normally and even very hard to get. 
  • I got BFA Azerite Armor. 
  • I have not seen a Tier transmog. 
  • At the moment on PTR, you can get a Quantum weapon type that is not for your class, which means that you will not be able to learn it as a transmog. I have submitted a report on that and hopefully they will change it.  

Are the Quantum item Bind on Equip?


Are the Quantum items Bind on Account?


26 Jun 2023