(Hidden Artifact Appearance) Track Dungeons, World Quests and Players killed

When you get your hidden artifact weapon, you will have a new row unlocked when you open your Artifact Appearance tab. Now you can unlock 3 new appearances for your hidden artifact when you complete following:

  • Complete 100 dungeons using a hidden artifact appearance.
  • Complete 200 World quests using a hidden artifact appearance.
  • Kill 1000 enemy players using a hidden artifact appearance.

You cannot track this in anyway in game. However, I asked a guild friend today (since he completed it), if he tracked in in any way. He got a macro by searching on the net, that tracks this for you. And I must say, it´s awesome. So, I thought I´ll share it with you as well.


Here is the script.

/run local a={WQs=11153,HKs=11154}local b=0;for i=1,11 do local _,_,_,c=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11152,i)b=b+c end;print("Dungeons: "..b.."/100")for k,v in pairs(a)do local _,_,_,d,e=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(v,1)print(k..": "..d.."/"..e)end


When you use the macro it will tell you your progress on the chat tab.


11 Dec 2016