Hellfire Citadel mechanics nerfed on normal mode

Good or bad, several Boss mechanics are now nerfed for Asia and EU severs, other regions require a realm restart before it takes place:

Kilrogg Deadeye

Kilrogg Deadeye's  Heart Seeker now deals damage and spawns globules only against the target of the ability on Normal Difficulty.

Significantly reduced the health of Blood Globule and Fel Blood Globule on Normal Difficulty.

Hellfire High Council

Reduced the damage of Dia Darkwhisper's  Wailing Horrors by 30% on Normal difficulty.


Gorefiend no longer uses Shared Fate on Normal or Raid Finder difficulty.

Gorebound Construct’s Hunger for Life now only affects the fixated target on Normal difficulty.

Tyrant Velhari

Aura of Oppression in stage one and Aura of Contempt in stage two of the encounter now increases its effect over time more slowly on Normal difficulty.


Wild Pyromaniac's  Fel Orb no longer creates patches of  Chaotic Felblaze if it fails to impact a player on Normal and Raid Finder difficulty.

Unstable Voidfiend's  Volatile Voidstep no longer spreads  Creeping Void if the explosion contacts any players on Normal and Raid Finder difficulty.


Archimonde no longer uses Wrought Chaos on Normal or Raid Finder difficulty.

Nether Portals created by Nether Banish no longer summon Living Shadows on Normal or Raid Finder difficulty.

1 Oct 2015