Full Guide: Hearthstone Anniversary Event in WoW

A new event is taking place in World of Warcraft to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hearthstone. This event starts on March 11th and will last until the 18th of March. There are loads of goodies that are added to this event and this guide will go through how you can get them all. 

You will start with getting a letter once you log in to the game the first time during the Hearthstone Anniversary event. This letter is called Hearthstone Invitation Letter. 

The letter invites you to celebrate Hearthstone's Anniversary by speaking with M.C. Farala in Valdrakken, in the Seat of the Aspects.

From here you will get a quest to play Hearthstone and you will be provided with a Hearthstone starter pack to begin your game.

You will be able to play Hearthstone at a Hearthstone Game Table or you can also play something called Hearthstone Wild Card near a Hearthstone Game Table. But to get Hearthstone Wild Cards you must find  a "shady card dealer" NPC. This shady card dealer is found close to hearthstone gametable and can provide you with the Wild cards you need to participate in the matches. 

These Special Hearthstone matches will be held in the capital cities. During these matches, you can win or lose games of Hearthstone. The game also includes various actions such as holding a Hearthstone Card, summoning a Hearthstone Card, and holding lots of Hearthstone Cards.

Another major part of the event is the Hearthstone Minions Invasion where players can earn unique rewards by defeating certain enemies connected to Hearthstone that appear in the capital cities. These enemies, also known as minions, drop Hearthstone cards and other Hearthstone-themed items.

These Hearthstone cards are also tied to two new achievements called "Hearthstone Beginner" where you must collect 10 Hearthstone cards to complete the achievement which also rewards a new toy “the Hearthstone Game Table”, and the other achievement is called “Card Collection” where you collect specific Hearthstone cards. 

During the event, 10 different minions will spawn in the capital cities at specific times and locations. These minions include:


Baron Geddon

Charged Devilsaur


Arcane Golem

Scarlet Crusader

Chillwind Yeti

Cairne Bloodhoof


Ancient of Lore

Upon defeating these minions, players can collect Hearthstone cards to complete the "Card Collection" achievement. In addition to the cards, the minions will also drop new Hearthstone-themed items. These items include:

Stone of the Hearth

This item appears to be a hearthstone.

Reno´s Lucky Hat

This is a head transmog item.

Taverner´s Belt

This is a waist transmog item.

The Tavern's Tabard

This is a tabard.

Collector's Carryall

This is a 36 slot bag.

The spawning pattern of the minions may be similar to the Diablo event, where a treasure goblin spawned every 30 minutes in a specific rotation between Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Valdrakken. So we will most likely see a similar pattern. Stay tuned for a timer rotation once the event goes live. 

Now let´s take a look at the two mounts added to the Hearthstone Anniversary Event, the Fiery Hearthsteed and the Compass Rose.

Fiery Hearthsteed

The Fiery Hearthsteed mount is available as a limited-time offer until May 14th. Here's how to get it:

  1. Log in to Hearthstone. Starting on March 11th, log in to Hearthstone to receive the Fiery Hearthsteed mount for free.

Compass Rose

The Compass Rose mount is a Hearthstone-themed flying disc that will be available as a reward during the event. he Compass Rose mount is listed in the game database as coming from the Hearthstone anniversary event, but further details about its specific source or whether it will be a recurring reward are not currently available.

However, the description of this mount is: “Pried from a giant Hearthstone game box”. Seems that this is tied to a hearthstone game that you will get by either play or via a quest. The only big Hearthstone game is in Valdrakken /way 58.08, 41.12.

There is also a new pet added to the Heathstone Anniversary event, called Sarge. 


Sarge is a character from the game Hearthstone and the Hearthstone cinematics. He is a white mouse and serves as a magical companion to the character Malto, the kindly old mage, and to contribute to the overall atmosphere of the tavern . He is depicted as a magical mouse with a significant presence in the Hearthstone universe. Sarge is no ordinary mouse and is considered the heart of the tavern. This pet is added as a promotion to the Hearthstone 10th Anniversary. A promotion can mean anything from a twitch drop to something added in the trading post, so we have to wait and see where this pet will be added. 

Image by Lazey (@patf0rd)


22 Feb 2024