9.2 - Best covenant and double legendaries for Havoc Demon Hunter


Best Covenant

Night Fae


Best Double Legendaries

Blazing Slaughter
The Hunt engulfs you with immolation aura when reaching your target.
You get 4% agility for 12 sec for each enemy hit.

Burning Wound
Demons Bite does chaos dmg over 15 sec and increase dmg taken from immolation aura by 65%.

Sigle Target

Best Covenant


Best Double Legendaries

Agony Gaze
Sinful Brand does 10% increased dmg and eye beam increase the duration of Sinful brand by 0.75 sec.

Darkglare Boon
Eye Beam has a 40% change to no incur its cooldown and refund 30 fury.

1 Feb 2022