Guild Commands

guilddemote - /gdemote,/guilddemote - Demotes a guild-member.
guilddisband - /gdisband,/guilddisband - Disbands a guild.
guildinfo - /ginfo,/guildinfo - Displays information about your guild.
guildinvite - /ginvite,/guildinvite - Invites a player to join your guild.
guildleader - /gleader,/guildleader - Makes another guild member the new Guild Master.
guildquit - /gquit,/guildquit - Removes your character from your current guild.
guildmotd - /gmotd,/guildmotd - Sets the guild Message of the Day.
guildpromote - /gpromote,/guildpromote - Promotes a guild member to the next higher rank.
guildroster - /groster,/guildroster - Opens the Guild window.
guildremove - /guildremove,/gremove - Removes a member of your guild from your guild.