Guide: Wyrmtongue chest cave / vendor in Broken Shore

To be able to enter the cave with all the chests and talk to the vendor guy, you need to unlock it.


How to unlock the chest cave in Broken Shore

  • A quest giver namedExcataor Karla located in the camp, south if Deliverance Point.

  • This quest giver gives a new quest 1-2 times a week. Finish all the quests in that questline.

  • This will lead to the final quest: The Motherlode, which will take you to the cave with the chests.


What the vendor sells

Wyrmtonounge´s Cache Key
Unlocking the chest cave will let you buy a key from the vendor, for 2000 Nethershards.
One key is used to unlock one chest in the cave.

Chipped Demonic Key Stone
Use: Step partially into a demonic world for 20s.
Warning! May allow demons to escape from target world. Only works outdoors in the Broken Isles.

Lingering Wyrmtongue Essence
Use. Disguise yourself as a Wyrmtongue for 10 min (2h cooldown).



What the chests may contain

  • Artifact Power
  • Order Resources
  • Pet

  • Toy
    Pilfered Sweeper
    Place your Sweeper on the ground. It is very low on energy and won´t last for long.
  • Fel Meteorite
    Launches the user far into the distance as a fel meteor.

  • Strange Dimensional Shard
    (Teleports you a various number of times)


  • 50 000 Nethershards (very Rare)


Where is the chest Cave /vendor located 

Check the map, just south of Deliverance point. Look for the rope under the tree


12 Apr 2017