Guide: When do you get another Dragonflying mount

Your first Dragonflying mount

Once you have reached Dragon Isles, you will reach The Waking Shores first. The Dragon riding is part of the main storyline. It will take around 1 hour before you reach the quest called , “Dragonriding”, in The Waking Shores. 

This quesline is a tutorial of how to fly a dragon in Dragon Isles and you also receive a mount called Renewed Proto-Drake which is a dragonriding mount. 

Second Mount

The second mount is from the zone Ohnáhran Plains.
This mount is achieved by comleting the quest Shady Sanctuary, which is part of the Main Story line. Once you complete the thrid chapter, you will eventually travel to the western part of Ohnáhran Plains and get the quest  “Bonds Renewed”. Once completed, you will be rewarded with a Windborne Velocidrake dragonflying mount.

You will also get an extra Dragonflying ability called Winds of the Isles: “You can now detect and utilize gale winds that redirect your flight and propel you onward, boosting your speed in the direction of the gale.”

3 Sep 2022