Guide: What is Seething Shore battleground

Seething Shore is a new battleground that cme out 2018-03-7 that you que up for in the PvP Group finder tab. 

  • This battleground takes place on an island.
  • After what happened in silithus (with the big sword jammed into our world Azeroth), our world is “bleeding”. The “blood” is Azerite.
  • This Battleground has a dynamic control point gameplay.
  • Imagine Arathi Basin, if there were multiple possible flag locations that are active randomly at a given time. This will be the same but it will be crystals (Azerite).
  • Each of those crystals on the map is a potential point where Azerite infusion can occur. 
  • There are 3 active at a given time.
  • Our job is to claim 1500 first before the opposite faction does, and we win.

You start the battleground in an alliance flying ship or horde flying ship depends on your faction.

You will jump down to the island and start gathering Azerite and at the same time attack/defend against the other faction.

You can see on your map where the Azerites are. 

The Azerite crystals might be shown on map but when you arrive there, it might look like it is on fire. That means, all Azerite has just been mined out. 

When you die, you start on the flying ship again which flies in a circle around Seething Shore. 

When you jump down, you also get an action button that makes you travel faster down and it has 3 charges. 

Once close to the ground, your parachute opens. 


  • A Good Start Collect 100,000 Azerite in Seething Shore.20 points.
  • Blood and Sand Slay 50 enemies near a Rich Azerite deposit.10 points.
  • Claim Jumper Within 30 seconds of landing on Seething Shore, collect a Rich Azerite deposit.10 points.
  • Death from Above Slay an enemy within 30 seconds of landing on Seething Shore.10 points
  • Seething Shore Domination Capture Capture Rich Azerite each of the following locations in Seething Shore:20 points.
  • Seething Shore Perfection Win Seething Shore with a score of 3000 to 0. 1500 to 0. 20 points.
  • Seething Shore Veteran Complete 100 victories in Seething Shore.15 points.
  • Seething Shore Victory Win Seething Shore.10 points.
  • Master of Seething Shore Complete the Seething Shore achievements listed below.25 points.
    You will also earn the title "Prospector". 
7 Mar 2018