Guide to Crafting PvP Gear in The World Within

To craft PvP gear in The World Within, you will need to follow a few steps. Here's a guide to help you get started:

Learn the Recipes:

To craft PvP gear, you need to learn the recipes from a special vendor NPC called Hotharm. You can find Hotharm in Dornogal at coordinates (/way 56.49,89.35) .

These recipes can be purchased from Hotharm using honor as the currency.

Obtain Competitor's Heraldry:

Competitor's Heraldry is a special crafting item that adds PvP item level (ilvl) to the gear you craft.

There are three types of Competitor's Heraldry:

      • Forged Combatants Heraldry: Increases ilvl to 606 PvP.
      • Forged Aspirant's Heraldry: Increases ilvl to 619 PvP.
      • Forged Gladiator's Heraldry: Increases ilvl to 632 PvP.The type of Competitor's Heraldry you need depends on the gear you want to craft.

For example, if you want to craft a wrist armor, you will need 3 Competitor's Heraldry of the same type (either 3 Combatants, 3 Aspirant, or 3 Gladiator).

Some crafted gear may require 5 pieces of Competitor's Heraldry.

The PvE ilvl of the crafted PvP gear is 545. 

Obtain Competitor's Heraldry from Vendors:

There are four vendors in the PvP area in Dornogal where you can obtain Competitor's Heraldry:

Bloody Token Vendor:
Sells Veteran armor and weapons (593 ilvl rank 4/8) with 629 ilvl in PvP.

Honor Vendor:
Sells Victorious Contender's Strongbox for Honor. This contains Forged Combatants Heraldry (606 PvP ilvl).

You can also buy a Forged Aspirant's Heraldry (619 PvP ilvl) from this vendor. 

Conquest Vendor:
Sells Forged Gladiator's Heraldry (632 PvP ilvl) for Conquest.

PvP Recipe Vendor:
Sells crafting PvP gear recipes. These recipes can be purchased using Honor.

Remember, the availability and costs of these items may change, so it's always a good idea to check in-game for the most up-to-date information.


26 Jun 2024