GUIDE – Tactics on Maut

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When the breaking of N´Zoth´s prison unleashed his aqir across Azeroth. Their dark prophets set about constructing an obsidian statue imbued with the void essence of the Old God himself. The moment Maut sprung to life it consumed the magic of its creators, leaving their corpses to rot beneath the scorching sun of Uldum.

Overview Guide

This fight has  two phases. The boss Maut has a mana bar, when reaching full mana, phase 2 starts.

In phase one, you fight the boss and mini bosses that spawn occasionally.

In phase 2, the boss stands still in the middle with a mana shield that you must destroy and heal players up from raid dmg.

Phase 1

  • Tank swap every time an add spawns. Main tank on boss, off tank on add.
  • Face boss away from raid.
  • Stand on left and right side of platform.
    When debuff (circle under you), run to the side and wait until dark pool spawns.
  • Nuke add fast when it spawns, then back to boss when add dies.
  • Stand on a dark pool every time boss does the raid dmg (Annihilation). The pool protects you from it, but it also does dmg and silence you when standing on it.

Phase 2

  • Boss runs to middle and puts a mana shield on him.
  • Destroy the mana shield fast before 1 min pass. If fail, it is a
  • The shield does reflecting dmg, beware.
  • Raid Stack up next to boss.
  • Tanks run and pick up prns and run back to raid and boost healer regeneration. 
  • Healing cooldowns needed

Abilities and Tactics

PHASE 1 - Obsidian Destroyer

Devour Magic

Boss puts a debuff on several players.

After  6 sec, it does shadow dmg to players within 9 yards and leaves a shadow pool on the ground called Devoured Abyss.

This pool drains mana and does Shadow dmg every 2 sec and stacks.

Standing in the pool silence players and grants immunity to all other magic dmg.

When it collapses, it does very high dmg to players within 9 yards.

Tactics: Devour Magic

Run to the left and right side of the platform (based on which side you are on) and let the debuff expire there.

On this way, you will have pools away from the fight and at the same time, fast access to run into when needing immunity when boss does Stygian Annihilation.

Stygian Annihilation

Boss does a couple of seconds cast and unleashes a deadly (1.7 mill) Shadow dmg to all players.

Tactics: Stygian Annihilation

Stand inside a shadow pool when boss unleashes it. The pool has immunity against it.
BUT, don´t run in to early because you will take to much unnecessary dmg from the pool.


Shadow Claws (Tanks)

Boss slashes the main tank with 26 7k Physical dmg (heroic mode dmg). B

This slash puts a debuff.

The debuff (Shadow Wounds) 43k Shadow dmg every 2 sec for 24 sec and stacks.

Tactics: Shadow Claws

Tank swap at 3-5 stacks or swap when the add spawns.

Dark Manifestation (The add)

A random location turns dark and sucks players to it and does very high dmg within 12 yards after 6 sec.

An add spawns after some seconds from the dark location and attacks the raid melee.
The add has 2 abilities:
- Loose mana instead of health.
- Offers mana to the boss (20%).

If the add is close to the boss (20 yards), it takes the adds mana and kills it.

Tactics: The add (Dark Manifestation)

This add spawns periodically.

Off tank
Tank the add away from boss.

Take the add to a black pool to disable it from taking mana shield protection.

Kill the add fast when it spawns.

Consuming Shadows

The boss does raid dmg periodically.

Shadow dmg every 1 sec for sec.

The more mana the boss has, the higher dmg.

HEROIC MODE – Black Wings

Boss does a knockback on all players within a frontal cone of 40 yards that also does physical dmg.

Tactics HEROIC MODE – Black Wings

Face the boss away from raid.


When boss has full mana, it moves to the center of the platform and becomes a statue which protects itself with a mana shield.

During this phase, there will be more abilities to handle.

When the mana shield is broken, phase 1 starts again.

Obsidian Skin / Obsidian Shatter / Consumed Magic

Boss transforms and is protected by a mana shield. 

Boss looses mana instead of health.

All dmg on boss is returned as Arcane dmg back to the attacker.

Removing the mana on the boss will  break the spell and also interrupt Obsidian Shatter.

Obsidian Shatter

Boss channels for 1 min and gathers power.

When the channel is completed, all players suffers 1 million Shadow dmg.

Consumed Magic

Boss spends 5% mana ever 3 sec to increase all magic dmg done by 1% and stacks.

Tactics: Obsidian Skin / Obsidian Shatter / Consumed Magic

Nuke the boss and break the mana shield.

Beware for reflecting dmg.

Use healing cooldowns.


Forbidden Ritual / Forbidden Mana

Mana orbs spawns from the sides to the boss. If the orb touches boss, it restores 20% mana.

If a player touches the orb, it does Arcane dmg to all players.

The dmg is based on how far the orb has travelled. The more it travels, the more dmg.

Player that touches the orb will get the debuff Forbidden Mana.

Forbidden Mana

Random player will get a debuff for 6 sec.

After 6 sec, an orb spawns from the player and gives all allies within 20 yards 150% increased mana regeneration and increasing their healing done by 50% for 8 sec.

Tactics: Forbidden Ritual / Forbidden Mana

Raid stacks next to boss.

Tanks run and pick up orbs and run to raid to boost healers regen.

Healers be back up on orbs if needed. 

HEROIC MODE - Drain Essence

Boss drains life and mana from players every 1 sec for 8 sec.

During this drain, the boss also restores 1 % mana every sec.

The drain is gone, all players within 8 yards will also take dmg and mana drained.

Tactics: HEROIC MODE - Drain Essence

Targeted players
make sure you are not close to other players.


16 Nov 2019