GUIDE on The NEW EVENT: Fyrakk Assault

This is an Assault that is located in Ohnaran Plains and called Suffusion Camp. When entering the area, the sky changes color and there are full of mobs and quests.

This Assault is divided in two parts. 

  • One part is an event that is called Fyrakk´s Fury.
  • One part is in between the Fyrakk´s Fury event called Fyrrak Assault.

Fyrakk´s Fury

This event starts once a bar is filled to 100%. There is a bar that gets filled up once enough enemies in the Suffusion Camp is killed. 

When 100% of the bar is filled, the Fyrraks Fury starts and consists of a big Dragon called Kretchenwrath that must be slain. 

Killing this Dragon ends the event and you will be rewarded with a Draconic Treasure which contains: 

  • Veteran Gear ⅜ 408 ilvl
  • Chance on Manuscript: Renewed Proto-Drake Bruiser Horns
  • 74 Bonus Flightstones

Looting the dragon will reward: 

  • Head of Kretchenwrath (quest) that rewards a Shadowflame Drake Crest
  • Flightstones

You are rewarded with rewards once a week it seems. 

You can also see on the map when the actual Fyrrak´s Fury is up. 

Fyrakk Assault 

When gathering the percentage to spawn the big dragon or you whenever you want, there are things you can do in Fyrrak Assault. 

The task is to kill enemies to loot something called Ward of Igria and you have to collect at least 5 of them to be able to use them. 

“Consume 5 Wards of Igria to extract materials from Suffusion Crucible.”

You have to stand next to a Suffusion Crucible when using them. Five Ward of Igira at Suffusion Crucibles will summon Elite mobs. 

Killing these mobs will let you loot:  

  • Gear Drop (Explorer Gear ⅜, 382 ilvl)
  • Ward of Fyrakk

Consume 5 Wards of Fyrakk to extract materials from Suffusion Mold. 

The task is to spawn these Elite mobs and gather at least 5 Ward of Igria to be able to use them. You have to stand next to a Suffusion Mold when using them. 

Five  Ward of Fyrakk at Suffusion Mold will summon Forgemaster Kraglin (Elite). Killing this mob will let you loot

  • 1 Everburning Key
  • 22 Flightstones
  • 1 Adventurer Gear 4/8 398 ilvl

Once you have collected 3 Everburning Keys, you can loot a Secured Shipment that has more treasures. 

13 Apr 2023