GUIDE - New Corruption Vendor and Legendary cloak boost

On the weekly reset of 19th of May in US and 20th of May in EU and 21th of May in Asia, there will be major changes regarding the Echoes AND the corruption vendor. 

Echoes of Nyalotha

All the sources of you get Echoes from will be multiplied by 5. 
For example, a full run of Horrific vision that rewards 150 Echoes will now reward 750.

The same will be for the costs of buying stuff for Echoes.
Essences were 500 Echoes each, and now the cost is 2500. 

Boosting your legendary cloak level

Each rank from 1-15 can now be achieved in a single Horrific Vision.

For example

  • Rank 13 to 14 will now require 2 Torn Pages of “The Final Truth” , instead of 6.
  • Rank 14 to 15 will now require 2 Torn Pages of “The Final Truth” , instead of 8.

BUT the changes after reaching rank 15 has not been changed.

You can also buy Vessel of Horrific Visions from Mother.
One Vessel costs 1750 Echoes of Nyalotha. 

Corruption Vendor

MOTHER will sell different waves of corruption effects each week. 

You will not have all corruption effects available directly. 

MOTHER will change available corruption effects twice a week (probably Tue/Fri in US and Wed/Sat in EU). 

This means that you also need to have a piece of uncorrupted gear to put the corruption effect on. 

Only items that are cleansed after this weekly reset starts (19th US/ 20th EU) will be able to become corrupted again. All items cleansed before this reset will NOT. 

Examples of costs from MOTHER

Item Cost (Echoes of Ny’alotha)
Vessel of Horrific Visions 1750
Rank 3 Essence 2500
Masterful I 3000
Siphoner I 4250
Twilight Devastation I 6250
Siphoner II 6300
Ineffable Truth II 6750
Racing Pulse III 7875
Echoing Void III 12000
Twilight Devastation III 15000
Vessel of Horrific Visions 1750
Rank 3 Essence 2500
Ineffeable Truth I 3300
Honed Mind I 4125
Strikethrough II 4125
Masterful II 4125
Expedient III 5000
Twisted Appendage III 13200

How to farm Echoes of Nyalotha and the new droprates


Echoes of Ny´alotha

Assault - Black Empire


Assault - Aqir/Amathet/Mantid/Mogu


Horrific Visions

250 Kill main boss (Thrall/Alleira)
125 each objective completed

750 Full completion

Emissary Quest


Heroic Darkshore Warfront





125 per wing completed
75 per boss
100 per boss
125 per boss


Random Battleground
Rated Arena wins
Rated Battleground win
Weekly PvP Cache

50-125 (Scales with PvP rank)
175 (Scales with PvP rank)
875-1500 (Based on PvP rank)

Mythic Dungeons

End of Run chest
Weekly Mythic Keystone Cache

15 per Keystone Level 
100 per highest Keystone level

19 May 2020