Guide to Large Garrison Buildings

Dwarven Bunker

This structure stores and maintains the garrison's armaments.

Level 1
Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade. Allows the collection of armor scraps from the orc clans of Draenor for armor transmogrification use (guard transmog).

Level 2
Opens up work orders for follower weapons and armor in exchange for garrison resources. Also, new armor transmogrification items unlock (orc transmog).

Level 3
Grants 1 of your 3 seals of tempered fate (raid bonus loot roll) at no cost each week.

Comment: I can't stress enough how much this building needs to be your first Large building on your garrison. For example: On Warlords of Draenor there is a new mechanic in place when you turn in quests and loot special items off rare mobs. Any time you get a quest reward, there's a small chance that reward will be rare or Epic instead of the usual green.

Also: The Level 3 BunkerWar Mill is unlocked by completing  Filling the Ranks. Progress on this achievement is account-wide so followers leveled by all characters will count towards the total.


The Barracks houses your garrison's military forces and followers.

Level 1
Unlocks Patrol Missions. Patrol Missions have higher than normal follower experience rewards.

Level 2
Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to accompany you as a guardian in Draenor Zones.

Level 3
Increases your follower limit by 5 and grants access to racial guards and banners.

Comment: The Level 3 Barracks is unlocked by completing  Patrolling Draenor. This achievement is account-wide so patrol missions completed by all characters will count towards it.

Mage Tower

Enables instant travel to strategic points in Draenor!

Level 1
Allows the collection of ogre waystones from Ogres on Draenor. These waystones can be used to power an Ogre Waygate of your choice on Draenor.

Provides access to new mission bonuses and research missions.

Level 2
Unlocks access to a second Ogre Waygate.
Provides access to more new mission bonuses.

Level 3
Unlocks access to a third Ogre Waygate.
Unlocks Specializations

Gnomish Gearworks

Crush your enemies with your mechanized might!

Level 1
Unlocks a personal engineer that creates a powerful invention each day. Exceptional work!

Level 2
Your engineer gains access to five new and amazing devices.

Level 3
Allows the creation of a siege vehicle once per day. Drive it to victory in Draenor!

Comment: The Level 3 GearworksWorkshop is unlocked by completing  Terrific Technology. This achievement is account-wide.


Stables provide significant benefits to your mounts.

Level 1
Enables the capture and training of special mounts on Draenor.
Reduces mission travel time by 25% and grants access to new exploration missions.

Level 2
You may remain mounted while interacting with objects in outdoor Draenor zones.
Increase player mounted speed in Draenor and provides access to Pack Animal Mission bonus.

Level 3
Increases mount speed in Draenor by 20%.
Unlocks Specializations.

There are a total of 8 mounts obtainable if you choose the Stables.

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