Guide: Invasions (Rifts) in patch 7.3

This guide is under development. Its tested at the moment on PTR.
Stay tuned for updates.


This is a Scenario that takes you to another world to stop the legion invasion.
In PTR it seemed bugged since you had to do it solo, but I guess that this will be a 3 man scenario.
There are different worlds with different scenarios.

How do I enter an Invasion portal?

It seems that you need to complete the first part of the main storyline which is completing the storyline in Krokuun, which is the starting zone.  

In PTR you could talk to Illidan that gives you the first quest regarding invasions after completing the storyline in Krokuun.

Once you are eligible, check the map for a portal (see image below).
Head over to that portal and click on it.
You will then que up for the scenario.

Completing a scenario gives 10 Argus Waystones. 
Argus Waystones are "used by the minions of a Sargeras to forve open portals from Argus to other Legion-contrelled worlds".
So, it seems that you need Argus Waystones to do more scenarios after you have done the first "free" one via the Illidan quest. 

The different invasion (worlds) scenarios

Different portals take you to different worlds.
There are 6 different worlds (rifts) for the invasion scenarios.

  • Invasion Rift: Ice
  • Invasion Rift: Blood
  • Invasion Rift: Forest
  • Invasion Rift: Fire
  • Invasion Rift: Islands
  • Invasion Rift: Marsh

At the final stage of each invasion rift, there is a miniboss. But it seems that the miniboss is not tied to the actual invasion rift. It seems to be random of which one you get on a certain rift. I have seen 4 different finale bosses on 6 different rifts but I guess there are 6 bosses.

  • Flamebringer Az´rothel
  • Flamecaller Vezrah
  • Baldrazar
  • Flameweaver Verathlx


What are greater Rifts

Greater Rifts has world bosses instead of the "normal bosses". 

There are 6 World Bosses.

The gear ilvl from world bosses are 930+.

You can see on the world map when a greater rift is up by looking for a skull icon on the portal. 

Where is the World boss rift portal located?
It is located in the third zone in Argus, Antoran Wastes, see map.


Tactic/Guide on the different Invasion Rifts

Invasion Rift: Ice

This place has 2 scenarios that differs slightly. Maybe it is just for testing, or that it will be random everytime you enter.

Scenario 1

There are braziers to keep you warm, give you a buff called Braziers Warmth, which increase 1% health ever 3 sec.

There are wind clouds that push you away and do damage. 

Stage 1

Kill legion forces

Stage 2

Click on NPC´s in ice blocks to free them and kill adds that spawn.

Stage 3

Kill boss.

Scenario 2

You need to stand next to the braziers to keep you warm, otherwise you will get a debuff called Crippling Cold. This is a stacking debuff that increase 1% dmg every 3 sec and it stacks up fast.

Standing near a brazier will give you a buff called Brazier+s Warmth, which increase 1% health ever 3 sec.

Stage 1

Kill legion forces

Stage 2

Click on NPC´s in ice blocks to free them and kill adds that spawn.

Stage 3

Kill boss




Invasion Rift: Blood

Stage 1
Nuke 3 pillars (blood drainers).
Tentacles will spawn from the ground after you kill the first one.

Stage 2
Tentacles will still spawn.
Kill Legion forces

Stage 3
Kill boss


Invasion Rift: Islands


There are orbs surrounded by a dome.
Standing in that orbs grants you a buff (temporal Distortion) that increase haste by 15% and movement speed by 15%.

Stage 1

Defeat Legion Lieutenants
Tip: kill adds inside the domes.

Stage 2

Destroy the orbs (8) by clicking on them.999                  
Destroying them grats the buff and stacks 8 times (8 orbs)
Remember that adds will spawn directly when you enter stage 2

Final Stage

Kill the Commander
The Orbs with domes are up again.


 Invasion Rift: Forest


Green clouds disorient you and makes you suffer 6% of maximum health every 1 sec for 5 seconds.

Stage 1
Defeat Legion Invaders
Watch out for green clouds.

Stage 2
Kill 12 Shadowslakers
Big adds that can teleport behind you and leave a web on the ground that slows you, and after some seconds it shoots venoms on you

Final Stage
Ensure Victory
Adds that you have killed respawns so beware.
Clear some adds so you have some space to move.


Invasion Rift: Marsh

Stage 1
Defeat Legion forces (kill mobs until you reach 100%)

Stage 2
Kill Hellfire infernals (8)
The Infernals walks around in groups with other mobs.
Remember that mobs from stage 1 are still there and may respawn.
Several big mobs called Fel Enraged Shambler walks around as well, stay away form them.
If you pull one, watch out for frontal beam attack and spores that hits several places on the ground.

Stage 3
Defeat the Legion Commander
Mobs from stage 1 and 2 are still there. Not sure if they respawn.



Tactic/Guide on the different bosses

Boss: Flamebringer Az´rothel

Tank: Tank the boss just outside a Brazier and stand inside it yourself. Move to another Brazier when boss puts lava on ground.
DPS: Nuke the orbs before they explode. They spawn explosions several times before the orb is gone.
Watch out for fire breath from boss.

Boss: Flamecaller Vezrah

Do not stand near braziers because that heals boss.
Boss has a stacking buff that increases her fire dmg.
Boss does fire bombardments that does nasty damage, especially if boss has high pyro buff that increases her fire dmg.
Boss summons fire waves periodically. 
I haven’t found a way that removes the boss fire buff. 

Boss: Baldrazar

Tank the boss outside the dome, he gains the buff as well if he is inside.,
Nuke Gripping shadows fast otherwise they will grab you and toss you around and do dmg.
Interrupt shadow bolt volley
Move away when he does frontal shadow breath (cone dmg)

Boss: Flameweaver Verathlx

Summons small Volcanoes underneath him from time to time. They spit out fire on the ground so move away from volcano area. These volcanoes don’t seem to de-spawn.
Summons Fire waves that pass the entire platform, beware.

14 Jul 2017