Guide: How to REALLY Prepare for 7.3



Artifact Power


The Artifact Power will be insanely high in the next patch because it will go up 1 Artifact Knowledge level per week, up to level 50. And the day patch 7.3 comes out, you will have Artifact Knowledge level 41.

This is how you will prepare regarding Artifact Power:

Elite Strike class hall mission

When its coming close to release date, and Elite Strike missions are out, send your champions for the Legionfall war supplies rewards and the Champion´s Trophy (Artifact Power) reward. Do not complete those missions until release day. The AP increase you will get is:


Patch 7.2

Patch.7.3 (Day one)

 Champion´s Trophy 125 million AP

500 million AP

Legionfall war supplies 500 = 80 million AP

320 million AP


1000 War Supplies

The maximum amount of war supplies you can have on you is 1000. So, grind up to 1000 war supplies and at patch 7.3 day, turn them all in. This is how much you will get compared to 7.2:


Patch 7.2

Patch 7.3 (Day one)

1000 War supplies -> 160 million

1000 war supplies -> 640 million



Artifact Weapon


This depend on how much you care and how much effort you have put into Artifact weapon leveling.

In patch 7.3, you will have a new talent tree for your relics. The talent tree has 3 tiers.
Tier one upgrades your Artifact weapon by 5 (total 15 ilvl for all 3 relics)
Tier 2 has do to with your secondary stats, dmg, dmg absorption and healing.
Tier 3 improves your Artifact weapon traits. 
Depending on what type of relic you have and also what class/spec, the outcome of the tiers differs.

You need to level up you Artifact weapon level in order to unlock the traits:




Relic 1

Tier 2

lvl 60

Relic 2

Tier 2

lvl 63

Relic 3

Tier 2

lvl 66

Relic 1

Tier 3

lvl 69

Relic 2

Tier 3

 lvl 72

Relic 3

Tier 3

lvl 75


Check what level you are on now, and If you have the time and effort, you can already now grind to a certain level to have some stuff unlocked directly when you have access to this.


Save your Nethershards


In patch 7.3 there will be a vendor that sells an item that costs 2500 Nethershards and will boost an Order Hall Champion for 6000 XP.

Check your class hall champions and see if you need it and if so, how much do you need. So, save Nethershards if needed and grind more if needed.

  • Travel to Broken Shore
  • Talk to Warmage Kath´leen that is the Nethershard vendor opposite the Legionfall Construction Table.
  • She sells an item called Grimoire of Lost Knowledge that grants 6000 XP directly to a Champion.

So, do not waste Nethershards on stuff you don´t need and if you want to buy XP for champions.


Order Hall Resources


In 7.3, there will be a long questline tied to your Order Hall missions. You will get followers that are really powerful. They will cost up to 900 Order Resources per follower that you can use on one (maybe two) mission only and you can have 6 active (2 from each zone of Argus). Meaning, you can buy/rent powerful followers for Order Hall Resources.

Basically, Blizzard found a way we can spend Order Resources on and if you are behind on this, then I recommend to start following.

I have a guide that covers the entire Class Hall followe questline here:

Mythic plus weekly chest

Do you best mythic plus that you can, so you will get the weekly chest. The Artifact Power you get from the chest willl also count for the level 41 Artifact weapon. 

 Grind Order Resources


You will need plenty of Order Resources for 2 things:

* Missions tied to Argus costs much more than it does now and you will need resources for the big Order Hall mission questline.

* You can turn in Order Resources later to buy troops in Argus for Order Hall Missions. That will also award you with rep, so you can buy alot of rep as well with Order Resources. 


13 Aug 2017