Guide: How to get Primal Infusion

Primal Infusion is created by combining:

  • 10 Primal Focus
  • 100 Primal Chaos

You can also get one Primal Infusion at the end of each max level Renown (4 in total)

You can also get one when you kill the end boss Raszageth the Storm-Eater the first time in any difficulty (1 in total). 

Primal Focus

You have to do Heroic Raid content in order to get Primal Focus. 

Each Heroic boss has 100% chance to drop a Primal Focus for you. 

Primal Chaos

No matter what activity you do in Dragonflight, you will be able to get Primal Chaos from it, such as: 

World Quests
Mouse over the world quests to see the rewards.
World Boss
Elemental Storm Event
Completing Heroic Dungeon
Completing Mythic Dungeon
Completing Normal Dungeon
Completing Mythic plus Dungeon
Raid Bosses
PvP activities

This information was gathered by the Interview SoulSoBreezy had with WoW developer Eric Holmberg Wiedler.

18 Nov 2022