Guide: Get all Wrathion Wardrobe looks

There is an item called Armoire of Endless Cloaks. This item lets you change your appearance from one of Wrathion's wardrobe collections. It can change your back, head and shoulders. 

This item is sold by Lorena Belle, who is the Wrathion Quartermaster in Obsidian Throne. This vendor sells gear, transmogs and Dragonmount appearances. The currency to buy from this vendor is Dragon Isles Supplies. At the moment on beta, there are no requirements to buy them, but there will definately be requirements since we have a reputation with Wrathion in Dragonflight, tied to the Obsidian Throne zone. Check out the full guide here:

How does it work

On the Armoire of Endless Cloaks, it says “When meeting the Black Prince, you must present the proper image”. 

When you use the item, you spawn a wardrobe for 5 min. Interacting with the wardrobe will give you a back transmog of Wrathion's collection.You can interact with the wardrobe 3 times during these 5 min. 

The item has a 15 min cooldown.

The transmog effect lasts for 30 min. 

It has no power but it has the visual effect.

Anyone can interact with the wardrobe, no need to be in the same party. 

The Wrathion Wardrobe looks

Matching Black Cloak and Hood
“A timeless Look. 
Head, Shoulder and back changes.

Energized Cloak
A cloak with untapped power. 
Shoulder and back changes. 

Tirisguarde Sunday Wear
Blend in at the most exclusive gatherings. 30 min remaining.
Head and back changes. 

Gong-Lu, Strenght of Xuen Replica
Just as good as the real one.. if it had no powers. 
Back changes. 

Powerful Purple Cloak
The power of this cloak permeates your body. 
Shoulder and back changes.

Jing-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji Replica

Back changes. 

Cloak of poor Choices

Slightly Corrupted Cloak

Sometimes you don't get any appearance when interacting with the wardrobe. 

15 Sep 2022