Guide - Gear reward from Horrific Vision

Horrific Vision can be done in 6 different difficulties: a normal run with no mask, and between 1 to 5 masks.

You must complete the entire vision in order to get a gear reward.

You complete the entire vision after you have killed each mini boss in the four zones and also thrall (Orgrimmar) or Alleria (Alliance)

From 17th (US) and 18th (EU) of March, you will ALWAYS get corrupted gear as a reward.

If you do NOT use any mask

First completion of the week    445 ilvl reward
Second completion of the week  430 ilvl reward
Third or more completion of the week 420 ilvl reward

If you use masks and complete the entire vision

5 masks                                                                       470 ilvl

4 masks                                                                       465 ilvl

3 masks                                                                       460 ilvl

2 masks                                                                       455 ilvl

1 mask                                                                         450 ilvl


16 Mar 2020