GET a 415 (upgrade to 437 ilvl) SUPER EASY EVERY WEEK

The weekly dungeon quests are now changed in patch 10.1. Instead of 2 weekly dungeon quests, we are getting one. 

This quest is called “Fighting is its own reward”, and located in Valdrakken (see map).

We dont know if the weekly objective will change every week, but this week, you need to complete 5 heroic dungeons. 

The rewards are

Choose between 

  • 415 Champion Gear (which can upgraded to 437 ilvl). 
  • 15 Shadoflame Drake Fragments (15 needed to make it into a Drake Crest). 

You will also be rewarded with 250 rep for each Renown Faction (Niffen as well). 

4 May 2023