Gear up your main/alts – BoA 410-415 ilvl gear

In patch 8.3, there are new 410415 ilvl tokens to gear that is Bind on Account so that you can send it to any of your characters.

These tokens are called Black Empire and divided in different classes, based on leather, cloth, plate and mail.

Black Empire gear comes in following gear slots

  • Head - 415 ilvl
  • Shoulder - 415 ilvl
  • Chest - 415 ilvl
  • Wrist - 410 ilvl
  • Hands - 410 ilvl
  • Belt - 410 ilvl
  • Legs - 410 ilvl
  • Feet - 410 ilvl

Where does Black Empire Gear drop

The zone is where the Black Empire Assault is.

  • A zone will be overcome by N’Zoth enemies in parts of the world that we must defeat, like invasion was in Legion.
  • These Assaults will be around the Titan Forges around the world
  • There are for now two zones on Azeroth (Vale of Eternal Blossom and Uldum) that are attacked and corrupted and these locations are called Assaults.
  • The main storyline will take you through both zones.
  • These two zones are attacked by various types of enemies each day, such as the Mantid, or the Black Empire, or Amathet or Warring Clans and more.
  • One of the two zones will always have the Black Empire. 


There is a chance that any mob in Black Empire assault region can drop it, but the harder mob the higher chance.

There is a chance to get it from chests in the region. 

9 Dec 2019