Gear up in Shadowlands the first weeks

When you hit max level in Shadowlands your ilvl will differ based on what ilvl you had with you from BFA. In general, your ilvl will be around 135-140.

Here is a guide on what ways you can gear up and get ready for Castle Nathria Raid and beyond.

First week

Questline 171 ilvl gear

Hitting max level will let you continue with the main questline.

In the beginning of max level, the quesline will take you to your covenant, to the Maw and to Torghast so you get to know the areas, what they do and how it works.

The rewards will be

  • 171 ilvl chest gear
  • 171 weapon
  • 171 back

Professions 151 ilvl 1st week / 200 ilvl Darkmoon trinkets

Several professions can craft different types of gear. Either you craft it yourself or get your hands on them from AH.

At start, you will most likely only find 151 ilvl gear.
To be able to craft 168, that Crafter´s mark II requires reputation with Venari from Maw.

The best gear to get your hands on is the trinket that inscription crafts, the Darkmoon trinkets. Because they have the ilvl 200 and has one for each role (melee dps, ranged dps, tank, heal).

Legendary Power

You must check what legendary power you want for your character and where you get it from.

Then spam that until you get your legendary power.

If it is from a reputation vendor, then you have to rep farm.
If it is from a boss in dungeons, then you have to spam it.
If it is from a boss in the raid, then you either get another one for now and then replace it when you get the main one from the raid boss.

Normal/Heroic Dungeons - 158/171 ilvl

Crafting (buying) 151 gear together with the 171 gear from questline will put your character ilvl on around 155 ilvl.

The higher ilvl you have for dungeons, the easier it will be.

You can jump into dungeons without the profession gear as well.

Normal mode drops 158 ilvl. Thats a good start if you haven’t geared up with professions.

Heroic mode drops 171. Thats a good start if you have geared up with professions.

Your goal is to have as much heroic gear as possible on your character before going to the next difficulty.

Mythic 0 – 184 ilvl

Once you feel comfortable to handle Mythic 0 then complete them all. 

The M0 drops 184 ilvl gear.

Torghast – Soul Ash

Your goal is to get 1250 Soul Ash so you can craft your legendary.
The two wings available has a cap on 3 layers each. That will reward you 305 per wing with a total of 610 Soul Ash.
The questline will reward you with 200 Soul Ash on week 1 and 100 Soul Ash on week 2.

That means, you will afford crafting a Legendary on the second week.

World Quests – Conduits

Check map for conduits from World quests and go for the conduit you need.

Second week

Make sure your have done all renown reward quests on week 1, and complete the new ones on week 2. This will reward higher ilvl gear from World Quests.

Torghast – Soul Ash

Gather the Soul Ash that is left at start of the week.

Craft Legendary – 190 ilvl

Hopefully you have farmed and got your legendary power and farmed your Soul Ash.

Time to craft your Legendary.

Renown and World quests

Finish the renown quest early so you get higher ilvl on World quest rewards for the rest of the week.

Maybe something good pops up such as gear, weapon and conduit.

Mythic 0 – 184 ilvl

Complete all Mythic 0 dungeons again this week.

Ready for Castle Nathria

Having a nice set of Mythic 0 gear together with a 200 ilvl trinket and a 190 legendary gear will make your character ready to face the horrors of Castle Nathria. Good luck!





20 Nov 2020