Garrison – a blessing for gold sellers?

One problem with the Garrison is that you can make it into a business to get gold. A person can choose the types of buildings that will produce certain items to sell. And with the offer that you can change building types whenever, gives the gold farmers the flexibility to adapt to what the ppl want to buy at the moment. Also, the biggest boost for gold sellers is that the game will do a lot of farming for them. And having many chars will lead to a lot of “auto gold farming”.

Another factor is that some people might not play their alts in the same way anymore. Instead of gearing up an alt, learning the class, and play it like it would be a “main char”, the risk can be that the alts will turn into gold farmers. All day long hanging out at the Garrison and action house earn more gold. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea to have a “bank char”, don’t get me wrong. The risk can be that a person turns into a gold farmer rather than playing their characters.

3 Nov 2014