Funny WoW jokes

Found some funny WoW jokes :D.  Share if you like and comment if you know some aswell.


What do you call 10 tauren and 1 gnome on a field?


How many rogues does it take to kill a Pally?
Two, one to make him bubblehearth, and one to wait in the Inn.


What do rogues and noobs have in common? They both pick locks.


Why are mages and locks required for EVERY party?
Because mages bring the drinks and locks get you stoned


You know you play too much when...
Your microwave dings and you go, "Grats!".


Your mom so fat, Chain Lightning hit her twice.


Your mom so fat, it takes two warlocks to summon her!                   


What do you call a gnome mage?


A hunter and a rogue go into a bar, and they each order a shot of whiskey. The barman brings them over, and without any warning, the hunter grabs both drinks and downs them in one.
The rogue turns to the hunter and says, "Hey, my drink! What do you think you're doing?!"
The hunter grins and yells, "MULTI-SHOT!"


Why do warriors usually fail their drivers test? they can't control their rage


Two pallys meet. One asks for a duell the other says: Sorry no, I gotta go to bed in 4 hours.

1 Oct 2014