Full Guide: The Maw

In the Maw, you will find an NPC, called Ve´nari.

You will meet her for the first time when leveling in Shadowlands.

At max level, you will get to know her even more.

This NPC will have a vendor for you that you unlock just by doing the first quests hat sends you to the Maw at max level.

The currency to buy stuff from her is called Stygia.

To access all the stuff from the vendor, you need to increase the reputation with this NPC, Ve´nari.
The reputation is NOT the basic Neutral/Friendly/Normal/Honered/Revered/Exalted.
The reputation is about her Opinion of you.
This is ranked in

  • Dubious
  • Apprehensive
  • Tentative
  • Ambivalent
  • Cordial

Her opinion of you is increased the more tasks you do for her.

The higher opinion she has of you, the more items are unlocked for bying in the vendor.

The vendor sells two main items, add a socket on gear and buy  or upgrade a conduit.

The other things she sells are Legendary power memory, and stuff that makes life easier when in the Maw.

How to gain reputation with Venari

In the early stage after unlocking the vendor, you will get some main quests that unlocks the reputation with her.

Setting the Ground Rules
Hopeful News

She will provide you with a Soulkeeper, an artifact that is capable of storing souls found within the Maw. Accepting that Soulkeeper is accepting a contract with her.

The main thing she wants from you is to share valuable information you discover within the Maw.

You increase the reputation with Venri by:

Bonus Objective 40
Rare Kill 80
Elite Rare Kill 100
Daily Quest 75
Weekly Quest 850
Daily Quest
Weekly Quest
Wrath of the Jailer 250
Beastwarrens Hunt 525

You start at Dubious which requires 1000 points to reach next level, Apprehensive.

The levels are:

  • Dubious 0/1000
  • Apprehensive 0/6000
  • Tentative 0/2000
  • Ambivalent 0/12000
  • Cordial 0/21000
  • Appreciative - highest level. 

You need to reach Cordial in order to unlock the item to add a socket and the item to get or upgrade a conduit.

How to farm Stygia in the Maw

Remember, if you die in the Maw, there is a high chance that you will loose a lot of Stygia.
This can be prevented by making them into orbs (Mysteriously Thrumming Orb) that you make from Venari vendor.

  • Daily Quests from Venari
    You can do 2 daily quests per day-
    Rewards 50 Stygia per quest
  • Rare mobs
    Loot Stygia after killing rares
  • Objectives
    There are quests that you cannot see on the map:
    They are objective quests that you find when running around in the Maw.
    Rewards 100 Stygia
  • Torghast 1
    The Twisting Corridor zone rewards Stygia when completed.
    Each Layer will reward Stygia starting at 120 Stygia when layer one is completed.
    There are 8 Layers in total.
  • Torghast 2
    Killing the last boss in each layer will let you loot Stygia from it.

What you can buy from the vendor

The two main reasons you will use this vendor for is to



Opinion Rep

Costs (Stygia)

Cypher of Relocation

Teleports the caster to Venaris Refuge. 5 charges.



Mysteriously Thrumming Orb

Shatter the orb, taking the Stygia from it to yourself



Soultwinning Scepter

Bond your soul with that of a nearby ally, increasing all stats of your ally and yourself by 5%. This bond will break if you and your ally move more than 100 yd from each other.
50 Charges



Oil of Ethereal Force

massively increasing your movement speed and rendering yourself invisible to most enemies.
3 Charges.



Oublion Cipher

Enhance your defenses against the Gorgoan Lament in the River of Souls,
Reducing its frequency by 80%.



Animaflow Stabilizer

Unlock the Animaflow teleporter in Venaris Hovel, allowing you to travel quickly to the Tremaculum.



Memory of Jailer´s Eye

Restore this memory to the Runecarver:
Third Eye of the Jailer



Possibility Matrix

Come to a better understanding og the infinite possibilities of Anima, expanding your selection of powers within Torghast. You will always see at least two choices when using an Anima Hoard.



Spatial Realignment Apparatus

This adds a socket to a Shadowlands item that does not already have a socket.
Can be used on Helms, Necks, Bracers, Belts or Rings.



Manifest Aethershunt

Add a Conduit you do not have, to your collection.
- Upgrade an existing Conduit by one rank (your lowest-rank Conduits will always be selected first, after that it is random).




How to move faster in the Maw

Kill mobs riding on a mount.
When the enemy is dead, you can hop on that mount and ride it for a minute.

The zones in The Maw

The Maw is divided in different zones.
Some zones give you a debuff when you are in that area. 

The Beastwarrens

This gives a debuff that you have all the time when you are in that zone.
The debuff makes you fear for some seconds periodically.

Perdition Hold

This gives a debuff that you have all the time when you are in that zone.
The debuff makes you take 50% more dmg from all enemy dmg.


This gives a debuff that you have all the time when you are in that zone.
This debuff does frost dmg every second when you are there. At the moment, you survive just some seconds in that zone.  

Gorgoa River of Souls

This river puts a stacking debuff.
Gorgoan Lament: Dmg taken increased by 5% and dmg done increased by 5%.

Unlock the debuff to be in a zone

The higher reputation you have with Ve'nari , the more zones will be unlocked to be in and you will have more things to do. Unlocking a zone removes the debuff from that zone.


27 Sep 2020