Full Guide - Patch 8.3

When is 8.3 released

At the moment, this patch is under testing in PTR.         


A zone will be overcome by Nzoth enemies in parts of the world that we must defeat, like invasion was in Legion.

These Assaults will be around the Titan Forges around the world, such as

  • Uldum
  • Vale of Eternal Blossom

Horrific Visions (Mage tower 2.0)

Visions that is 1-5 player content centered around the capital cities, Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

This is an alternate reality of what might happen if we fail.

When in the vision, your sanity is drained by being within this horrific vision.

You will have to retreat but you will do it by taking things that you´ve learned along the way, which will enable you to build better defenses for your future trips.

The deeper you go, the greater rewards.

You will take fragments of the corruption with you, and bring them to mother and Magni, to analyze and research. This will give you new tools – Titanic Research Archive.

Titanic Research Archive makes you unlock new tools (abilities) to help your future visits in the Horrific Visions by surviving the effects of the sanity draining and explore deeper.

Mage Tower 2.0

You can enter this entirely solo, with a real challenge to work towards without needing a group of dungeon players or a raid to complete.

Legendary Cloaks

You will work with Wrathion (son of Deathwing) that knows some things about corruption because his father was plunged into madness by N´zoth´s corruption.

One of the things Wrathion knows, are Legendary Cloaks.

You will work with Wrathion to create a legendary cloak to provide defense by letting us be inside the Horrific Visions longer so we can go deeper and deeper in on our successive visits, and earn greater rewards and unlocking more of the mysteries behind N´zoth´s power.

The legendary cloak is also very handy when facing N´zoth himself later on.

New Raid – Ny´alotha, The Waking City

This is a 12-boss raid of the Black Empire.

We are going to fight our way through the military might of N´zoths minions, spawning pools, insectoid allies and minions of  N´zoth, humans that decided to embrace his cause of corruption and in the end, the old god himself, N´zoth.

New levels for the Heart of Azeroth

This will contain passive benefits and an all-new essence slot.

That slot can be filled by a number of NEW essences that you´ll be able to earn through content such as

  • Assaults
  • Horrific Visions
  • New mythic plus season
  • PvP
  • The Ny´alotha Raid

New Allied Races

New races will come to join our forces!

On Horde side

Vulpera Race

How to unlock the Vulpera Allied Race

  • Exalted with Voldunai
  • Complete the Voldun level up questline

You will be able to jump in to visions of N´zoth, complete a questline and you get it.

On Alliance side

Mecha gnomes

How to unlock the Vulpera Allied Race

  • Exalted with Mechagon
  • Complete a questline that you get when exalted

New Heritage Armor – Goblin and Worgen

A complete overhaul of the Auction House

Not just a UI change, but also a redesign and rebuilt to make it faster, more performant and also to get rid of those annoying single stacks.

  • Separating out stackable items
  • You choose how many you want to buy and it gives you a price for different amount which makes it buy parts of someone’s stacks sometimes.
  • Players that gets parts of it sold, gets the gold for it, and the remaining items are still listed on AH.
  • You can favorite items and create a shopping list for yourself.

New Mythic keystone Affix

This affix reflects N´zoths corrupting influence as his tendrils spread their way.

When this is active in season 4 M+, y9u will see corrupted pillars in the dungeon.

Interacting with a pillar will pull you into an alternate world where a powerful mini boss must be killed in order to return you to the regular reality.

BUT! You will return to the regular reality on that exact position the mini boss was defeated.  

This can make you skip parts of the dungeon, but it can also make you return right into a pack of mobs.


New Pvp Season – Season 4


7 Oct 2019