FULL GUIDE Dragonflight PRE-PATCH event

Primalists have invaded Azeroth. Our mission is to remove the primalist threat in different locations. 

There are four locations on Azeroth in which the World Event takes place. 

  • Northern Barrens
  • Un´Goro
  • Trisfal Glades
  • Badlands

There are also four types of Primal Elements that attacks the different zones:

  • Earth Elementals
  • Fire Elementals
  • Air Elementals
  • Water Elementals

The World event is not always up and we don´t know yet how often they will be up. When this was tested, all four locations were up on the same time. 

But only Earth, wind and air events were up, not fire. Two of the locations Un´Goro and Trisfal Glades had Primal Elements: Earth. 

How long is an event

When the event is up, it will last for 2 hours. Each event has a boss that spawns every 20 min after it dies. 

The event - How it works

When an event is up, you will see several smaller portals and one big portal. Smaller mobs and elites come out from the smaller portals. A big mob (boss) comes out from the big portal. When the big boss comes out, you will see a bar on your ui that decreases based on smaller mobs killed. When 100 mobs are killed, the boss comes out. 

New currency - Primeval Essence

A new currency is also out, called Primeval Essence. This currency is used for buying gear and toys from a vendor. Check out this guide here covering all that.

You get Primeval Essences from the Elite elementals in the event and also from the boss. The boss drops a higher amount. 

You can only loot this currency when the boss is out. 

Pre-Patch gear

The gear for this pre-patch event is 252 ilvl and you can get an entire set with weapons and trinkets. 

You get this gear from:

  • The Pre-Patch vendor (check more info here)
  • The mobs in the event have a chance to drop the Pre-patch Gear. 
  • The boss in the event has a chance to drop Pre-Patch Gear. It is not 100% drop on gear from the boss. 

278 ilvl Gear

You can also have a chance on 278 ilvl gear during the Pre-patch. This gear drops from the boss in the New Uldaman dungeon “Legacy of Tyr”, that is out on Pre-Patch. 

New Heirloom

There is a new Heirloom added in Pre-Patch, called Unstable Elemental Confluence. 

This heirloom is a trinket that any class/spec can use. You get a primary stat based on what class you are. 

When equipped: “Your spells and abilities have a chance to usher in primal magics, dealing damage to enemies and buffing allies."

You can use this trinket between level 1-49, but it is stated on the trinket that it can be upgraded once. 

You need to gather and then combine following items:

  • Dimmed Primeval Fire
  • Dimmed Primeval Water
  • Dimmed Primeval Storm
  • Dimmed Primeval Earth

Once combined, it will become an Unstable Elemental Confluence trinket. 

These 4 items drop from each of the four elemental bosses.
Dimmed Primeval Fire from the Fire boss.
Dimmed Primeval Water from the Water boss
Dimmed Primeval Storm from the Air boss
Dimmed Primeval Earth from the earth boss. 


14 Oct 2022