In Dragonflight, the Creation Catalyst is renamed to inspiration catalyst.


When does the creation catalyst (Inspiration Catalyst) come out in Dragonflight?

The Inspiration catalyst comes out on the 24th of January (US) and 25th January (EU). This is the same time as patch 10.0.5 comes out. 

How does the Inspiration Catalyst work?

You use the Inspiration catalyst device to recreate seasonal gear into seasonal tier gear. 

What gear can be crafted into tier gear?

Gear the you obtain during that season. At the moment we are in patch 10.0 which is Season 1. Gear that you get from season 1 from following sources: 

  • Mythic plus Dungeon Gear
  • Raid Gear
  • PvP Gear

What cannot be crafted into tier gear?

Gear that is not seasonal. This means gear that you get from: 

  • World Quests
  • Rares
  • Profession Crafting
  • Reputation Gear reward

What about gear that has no tier bonus?

Crafting tier gear that does not have a tier set bonus will give you that tier gear with that specific stats that it has. For example, crafting tier set wrists will give you wrists with that tier transmog and also with that specific stats that your tier wrists have. Tier set gear that has no tier set bonus are:

  • Cloak
  • Bracers
  • Belts
  • Boots

What is the item level

The ilvl of the crafted tier gear will be the exact same ilvl as the gear you put in. 

Where is the Inspiration Catalyst located?

Nothing has been shown on testing so far but there is a possible location that people have been speculating about.

This location is located in Tyrhold in Thaldraszus.

14 Jan 2023