Frostfire Ridge

Frostfire Ridge

Frostfire Ridge is a harsh land of ceaseless winter and volcanic peaks, where travelers encounter molten lava as often as painfully cold snow. Rock-hewn Bladespire Fortress, built to grandiose heights by the ogres who occupy its halls, is one of the few structures able to remain standing amidst this inhospitable wilderness. It’s the perfect target for the survivalist orcs of the Frostwolf clan.

This area is the starting area for the Horde.

Following the assault on the Dark Portal, Horde players will be led to Frostfire Ridge and the aid of the Frostwolf Clan. Once there, you will battle the ogres of Bladespire Fortress to secure a home in this harsh land. Don’t be fooled by your progress, though—the Thunderlord Clan will be right on their heels to reclaim their lands.

Except for leveling here, there are two things to think about doing either start directly while leveling or later on.

Gain reputation with the Frostwolf Orcs

The Frostwolf Orcs are a Horde faction. The Frostwolf orcs of Frostfire Ridge are a tight-knit family of brutal warriors, well equipped to deal with the savage realities of Draenor. The Quartermaster is Beska Redtusk who can be found in Warspear. Gaining reputation with Frostwolf Orcs is relatively simple--just quest through most zones and head back to complete bonus quests along the way. There are no daily quests.

How to gain reputation with Frostwolf Orcs (external link)

Find and kill Rares

There are 5 rare mobs in this area. One drops fishing equipment, the other a toy and the third a 620 ilvl offhand weapon. The 2 last rares drops mounts.