Followers that are easy to get

  1. LEORAJH (97 - Rare): This dude is on top of a mountain, inside of a cave in Arak. You literally just kill the dude guarding him, and voila…instant rare follower. What makes this guy a MUST OWN, is the fact that he can let you access your Garrison mission board from anywhere in Draenor. (Also, he will follow you around and heal you, so if you’re a dps/tank taking down those level 100 rares, he’s a freaking godsend.)
  2. TORMMOK (93 - Rare) : This guy is just kicking ass on top of a hill in Gorgrond. Join him for three rounds of ass kickery, and he will join your cause. He’s a tanking bodyguard, so if you’re a healer who refuses to learn how to dps, this guy is mad useful. (He also gives you access to repairs anywhere in Draenor, but that’s not terribly useful.)
  3. BLOOK (92): He’s like, 30 seconds away from Tormmok. Just kick his butt, and he’ll join you. The Combat Experience perk is pretty nice to have for missions.
  4. BENJAMIN GIBB/ADMIRAL TAYLOR (96): He’s basically buried to his neck in the Graveyard of Admiral Taylor’s Ghost Garrison. Just click on him, and he’s yours. HE ALSO HAS INSCRIPTION, the chosen profession of distinguished gentleman and ladies everywhere. Get him.
  5. AEDA BRIGHTDAWN/DEFENDER ILLONA (95 – Rare): A reward from a quest where you have to pwn two ghost Draenei. She is a bodyguard follower (and a warlock) who will allow you to summon people in Draenor without being a warlock.
  6. VIVIANNE/DELVAR IRONFIST (91 – Rare): Basically, by going to Ashran at the start, you get this follower. Nuff’ said.
  7. IMAGE OF ARCHMAGE VARGOTH (100): You must be level 100 to loot 4 items scattered across Draenor. Once you do, you get your very own Image of Archmage Vargoth for your garrison.


Taken directly from wowhead:

/ way Frostfire Ridge 68.0, 18.92 Boots (On the top, cords to the Hill and head left - 65.61, 36.44)

/way Gorgrond 39.68, 39.94 Ring (Follow the path, the quest is in a small pit)

/way Talador 45.28, 37.06 Hat (The quest is between the stairs in the corner)

/way Nagrand 46.37, 16.03 Staff (Is at Cerulean Lagoon, near the repair vendor)

8-10 SPIRES OF ARAK TRIO: Talonpriest Ishaal (97 – Rare)

Kimzee Pinchwhistle (97)

Ziri’ak (99)

What makes this ‘easy’ is that you can kill three birds with one big-ass stone, and get all three while levelling by clearing Spires of Arak of quests (and rares and treasures) while choosing the Smuggler’s outpost (If you choose the brewery, you can unlock a different follower than Ziri’ak).

Talonpriest Ishaal is an achievement based follower and requires a full clear of the zone and lets you summon a mailbox anywhere in Draenor, Kimzee is rewarded at the end of one of the mini-storylines and like I said before, Ziri’ak is a simple 500g purchase as long as you choose Smuggler’s Den.

(Also, clearing the zone puts you WELL ON THE WAY to Talon Guard Kurekk, a level 100 Rare follower, that requires Exalted with the Arrakoa in addition to finishing the Arrakoa storyline and clearing out the zone helps immensely with the reputation.)

Reference: WarcraftLounge

7 Dec 2014