Followers - Bodyguards

7 followers are capable of being your bodyguard on Draenor, once assigned to your barrack level 2 or above. They do not go into instances/raids with you, making their perks obsolete in some enviroments.

Bodyguards also have their own reputation which currently gives 10 for every kill in your level range.

This reputation goes to 10.000, twice. Each time giving you a higher affection level, starting at 1. Level 2(Wingman) gives a combat ability for your follower, Level 3(Personal Wingman) gives you a perk, after completing a personal quest for the follower.

The bodyguards availiable for the Horde, and their perks are:
With the abilities:
Level 1: Fireball, Blizzard.
Level 2: Summon Meteor
After slaying an infested orc in the everbloom wilds:
Level 3: Create a portal to your garrison.
Vivianne is the Horde counterpart to Delvar Ironfist, a dwarf Death Knight. Who shares the same perk. But a different level 2 ability. Both are optained similarily through the level 90 quest: Ashran Appearance quest line.

Aeda Brightdawn:
With the abilities:
Level 1: Demonic leap, Shadowbolt Volley and Demonwrath, which is her tanking stance. (She is a demo tank-lock.)
Level 2: Summon infernal.
After slaying Ambassador Hellmaw at the harbor of Shattrath
Level 3: Summon selected party/raid member.
Aeda Has an alliance counterpart which is a Defender Illona, a draenei paladin. Who shares the same perk. But a different level 2 ability. Both are optained similarily through a short questline where you have to help them get past a ghastly roadblock. in Talador.

The neutral bodyguards availiable to both factions are:
Talonpriest Ishaal:
With the abilities:
Level 1: Mind Flay, Summon Shadowfiend
Level 2: Dot with Haste reduction.
After slaying a shadowmoon orc and taking her staff:
Level 3: Ishaal is now your personal mobile mailbox.
Optained by talking to him in Veil Terokk after completing the Spires of Arak questing achievement.

With the abilities:
Level 1: Recklessness and heavy auto attacks.
Level 2: Avatar.
After retrieving his sword for him from Naggrand:
Level 3: Your personal repairman in the field.
Joins you after being saved from Botani in Gorgrond.

With the abilities:
Level 1: Lightning Bolt and a Chain Healing, though very rarely.
Level 2: Bloodlust
After you help him reclaim his prayer beads from an arrakoa in skettis:
Level 3: Your personal missions table in the field.
Optained by finding him in a cave in the mountains in southern spires of Arak. Some Arrakoa and apexis golems are in your way but can be ignored by stealth classes.