Fated Raids will be Easier

In Season 4, the Shadowlands raids will be in a weekly rotation. Meaning, only one of the raids is tagged as a Fated raid per week. 

Fated raids will have higher ilvl reward and also tied to a 3-part quest chains that gives you a Dinar currency to buy normal mode trinkets and weapons. The gear can also be upgraded. Normal mode fated raids are also tied to the new mount Jigglesworth Sr that you obtain by completing all 3 raids when they are fated in normal mode. 

We got information from the DevTeam in different posts that the fated raids in Season 4 will be easier compared to before. 

One came from the Season 4 raid & m+ information.This part probably has to do with the dmg numbers. 

“Once you enter a Fated raid, you’ll notice that all enemies and bosses will have adjusted stats—the goal here isn’t to make your raid group go through progression again; we’re aiming to provide a proper but not insurmountable challenge for those already experienced with the encounters.”

We also got our first raid hotfix and these changes are about the abilities and % of abilities. 

Castle Nathria
Stone Legion Generals

  • General Kaal’s Wicked Blade no longer triggers Wicked Blast on Heroic difficulty.
  • General Grashaal’s Reverberating Eruption cast time increased to 5 seconds on Normal and Heroic difficulties.
  • Stone Legion Goliath’s Ravenous Hunger damage increase is now 40% in Raid Finder, 50% in Normal, and 50% in Heroic difficulty (was 45%/60%/75%).
  • Stone Legion Goliath’s Soultaint Effigy is now triggered at 15% health on Heroic difficulty (was 20%).
  • Delivered large Anima Orbs now give Prince Renathal 40% mana on Heroic difficulty.
  • Delivered small Anima Orbs now give Prince Renathal 15% mana on Raid Finder, Normal, and Heroic difficulties.
  • Shattering Blast knockback has been decreased on all difficulties.


2 Aug 2022