Fastest way to farm reputation in Nazjatar

Don´t forget the 10% Darkmoon Faire rep buff when it is out. Just head there and ride the carusel until the buff reaches 60 min and done. 

  1. There are Dailies you can get in Nazjatar by
  • Checking map for new Daily quests.
  • When choosing one of the three allies, you will also get more rep.
  1. World Quests.
    New world quests are always available at 09:00 in the morning and 21:00 in the evening. Be sure you finish them before reset, then it´s gone.
  2. Pet Battle quest.
  3. Rares
    The first time you kill that specific rare, you get 50 rep.
  4. PvP
    You gain 500 rep the first time you win each week.
  5. Mardivas Laboratory
    You can summon the mob there. This rewards 500 rep per week.
  6. When your ally turns Rank 5 you get an extra quest that rewards 400 rep.
  7. Reputation items
    You can get reputation items from following
  • Hidden chests when using the ytem Scrying Stone.
  • Chests
  • Eel Filet, , rare drop from Eels
  • Reefwalker Bark, drops from all types of Trees
  • Fathom Ray Fin, drops from Rays
  • Giant Crab Legs, drops from Crabs

9. Emissary Quest
Oh yes, there is one for Nazjatar. 

10. Level every ally to level 5.
You get 250 rep when doing so, also you get a bag as reward that contains 400 rep. 

11. Get the Contract as well.
10 rep for each world quest you do. 

Many Trees

There is a location with loads of trees. 

Go under the water where the waterfall is and then inside the cave. 

Loads of trees :D

29 Jun 2019