Faster Gear farming in 10.1.5?

There has been a change in the PTR regarding the time source of “Dilated Time Capsule”.

The Dilated Time Capsule is needed for buying veteran 402-424 ilvl gear from the Time Rift vendor. This vendor sells all armor types and weapons for your character (no rings/necklace/trinkets). 

The source for achieving this item was from the weekly Time Rift quest. Which meant that you could get one per week. 

The latest PTR update, this has been changed. You do not get the Dilated Time Capsule from the weekly quest anymore. Instead, you get it from the Time Rift event, last boss. 

It seems that the first kill of the week has a very high chance on dropping Dilated Time Capsule. I got 100% drop chance on my 5 characters. 

There are some unanswered questions tho. 

  • Is the Dilated Time Capsule a 100% loot the first time you kill a Time Rift boss, and then a smaller chance of looting it. 
  • Is it a daily drop?

11 Jul 2023