FAST OBJECTIVES FOR TRADING POST - July - To get the new Dragonriding Mount asap!

You need in total 1400 points to complete the Trading Post Traveler´s Log objectives, to get the Dragonriding Mount – Grotto Netherwing Drake. 

These are the good ones to do that go “pretty” fast. 

  • Fight of Excited Fans at the Snail Race (50 ponts)
    You need to fight 5 fans, which means that you need to wait for 3 races in total. Two fans per race pops up. 

  • /sniff at Myrrit (50 points)
    You need to enter a sniffseeking scenario and then sniff for it to work. 

  • Create Shadowflame Crests (150 points)
    If you don´t have fragments, check the fragment vendor in Loamm, and buy fragments there. It should work (not confirmed). 

  • Loot Suffusion Crucibles in the Suffusion Camps (100 points)
    You need to have 15 Ward of Igria in total to use on this. 

  • Steal a Flame (150 points)
    If you are horde you head to Stormwind and click on the midsummer Bonfire. 
    If you are alliance you head to Orgrimmar and click on the midsummer Bonfire. 
    You also need to turn in the quest for it to count. 

  • Fulfill Personal Crafting Orders (100 points)
    You need to fullfill 10 in total. Just have an alt that you send the crafting orders with to one of your characters that you can craft with. 

  • Use the D.I.S.C.O Toy (50 points)
    Use it in Valdrakken
    Use it in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. 
    Remember that you can log on other alts and use the toy so you don´t have to wait for the toy cooldown (Thx @patf0rd :D ) 

  • Use the Dragon Set Tea Toy (50 points)
    Use it in: 
    - Valdrakken
    - Morut Village
    - Obsidian Throne
    - Iskaara
    Remember that you can log on other alts and use the toy so you don´t have to wait for the toy cooldown (Thx @patf0rd :D ) 

  • Use the Shufflings Sand Toy (50 points)
    Use it in: 
    - Valdrakken
    - Morut Village
    - Loamm

  • /dance for the Shuffling Sands (50 points)
    /dance at a player of the opposite faction with the Shuffling Sands toy effect. 
    Go to an area such as Valdrakken where there are players of the opposite faction. 
  • Complete 30 Quests (200 points)
    This counts every single quest. Now when we also have Midsummer Bonfire to interact with, you can do that on different characters. 

  • Complete 15 World Quests (150 points)
    You can check what world quests that goes fast to do and if you have alts, then do the same world quests with them to save time. 

  • Complete Weekly Crafting order (100 ponts)
    Complete two weekly crafting orders, can be done on 2 different characers.  

  • /cheer at the Dragon Aspects
    /cheer at 
    - Alextrazsa
    - Kalecgos
    - Nozdormu

  • /cheer for the Trading Post

These are the rest you can do, but here you can choose which ones you want, in order to fill rest of the points. 

  • Defeat creatures under Researcher under Fire event (150 points)

  • Earn reputation with Loam Niffen (100 points)
    If you have a character that have not done a chapter in the 10.1 Storyline, then this is good, because it rewards 2500 rep per chapter. 
    This can go hand in hand with "Earn reputation with Dragon Isles" if you do two chapters. 

  • Unlock Doorswithin Zskera Vault (100 points)
    You need to open 10 doors. If you have Elemental Overflow, then you can buy caches in Morqut Village that can contain keys. 

27 Jun 2023