Engineering Guide for Battle for Azeroth

Engineering professions known in Battle For Azeroth is now called Zandalari Engineering (horde) or Kul Tiran Engineering (alliance).

Engineering professions starts at 1/100.
You can upgrade to a maximum potential skill of 200.

Previous lelveling of older expansion are separated from the battle for azeroth profession.

As Engineering in battle for Azeroth you can make crowd control (cc) bombs, create transmog device to others can transmog, shock your mount to run faster, buff your ranged weapons and ammo, enchant your belt to create a shield that reflects dmg, create a device needed to make an awesome mount, and much more!


Catchroot Seed Spreader (Roots all targets in a 5 y radius at pint of impact)
Charged Refrigeration Projectile (Slows all enemies for 50% within 5 yards)
Electro-Induced Slumber Bomb (Incapacitate an enemy for 10 sec)
F.R.I.E.D (Does fire dmg)
Freeze-Bang Grenade (Freeze an enemy, stunning for 10s)
Neurological Immobilization Bomb (Stuns an enemy and reduced physical dmg taken by 99% for 10 sec.)
Organic Discombobulation Grenade (Polymorphs for 20 sec)
Thermo-Accelerated Plague Spreader (AoE poison dmg every 3 sec)


Deployable Attire Rearanger – A device that Makes you be able to transmog, useable for 2 min.
Electroshock Mount Motivator – Increase mount speed by 10% and stacks up to 5 times, also may cause your mount to be disoriented.
Interdimensional Companion Repository – Summons a portable stable master that you can interact with for 2 min.
XA-1000 Surface Skimmer – Deploy a boat which will immediately start moving on water for 25 sec.


Gun (110)
Gun (110)
Mace (level 111)
Mace (level 120)

Scopes and ammo

You can upgrade your weapon to either
-  Proc crit for 12 sec (Crow´s Nest Scope)
- Proc haste for 12 sec (Monalite Scope of Alcrity)

You can also upgrade your ammunition to either:

  • Extra frost damage and slow by 15% for 3sec
  • Fire damage

Mount part

Super Charged Engine – Combine this part with the blacksmith part (Monalite Reinforced Chassis) to create the mount Xiwylag ATV.

Belt enchants

Holographic Horror Projector: Fears and enemy for 5 sec
Miniaturized Plasma Shield: Projects a shield in front of the player, deflecting all incoming frontal attacks.
Personal Space amplifier: Removes any movement impairing effects every minute. Shares a cooldown with potions.

21 Mar 2018