Endgame questing in Shadowlands (World Quests, Callings Quests and Covenant Sanctum Quests)

There is a huge change in Shadowlands when it comes to endgame questing.

You will have three types of quests.

  • World Quests
  • Callings Quests
  • Covenant Sanctum Quests

World Quests

World quests are quests that you will find in all zones.
These quests are available for a certain time during a day.
World boss normally has a weekly world quest tied to it.
The rewards are
- Reputation
- Gold
- Gear
- Anima (used for your covenant reservoir. You fill it to get cool perks).

The Emissaries are removed in Shadowlands.

Callings Quests

There is one new Calling per day.
A calling quest last for 3 days. 
You get calling quests from your covenant.
The rewards are not fully out yet on beta.
So far we know that it gives
* Reputation
* "Tribute of the" This is a crate from the specific Covenant you helped. 


Covenant Sanctum Quests

These are weekly quests
There is only 2 of them each week and you get them from your covenant.
The reward is 1 Renown per quest.

Renown is a resource that you will gather in Shadowlands for the covenant that you pick at max level.
It is used to level your trust with your covenant.
There are 40 levels of Renown.
You get different types of rewards when reaching different levels.

The main rewards are:

  • Unlock a row on a Soulbind character´s talent tree
  • Increase the ilvl of world quest rewards.
  • Increase the level of the features in your Sanctum.
  • Earn legendary recipes to be able to craft legendary gear.
  • Earn covenant mounts, pets, titles and transmogs.
31 Aug 2020