Dragonflight World Quest Rewards

When you reach max level, you will unlock World Quests scattered around the Dragon Isles. New World Quests are up at weekly reset for 3.5 days and then you get a new batch of World Quests that lasts for 3.5 days. So basically you get World Quests two times a week. 

  • Gear

The gear ilvl from World Quests are the same and will not increase. The gear reward ranges between 340-402 ilvl. This range is based on your character ilvl.  

  • Currency

The main currency that you will use in order to buy most of the things in from the vendors in Dragon Isles (except gold), is called Dragon Isles Supplies. You will get 25 Dragon Isles Supplies when completing World Quests. Sometimes, you can get extra from the actual quest reward. 

  • Repuation

No matter what the reward is, you will always get 50 reputation with the faction tied to the world quest. There are some exclusives that rewards 40 and elite world quests that rewards 100 reputation. 9

  • Extra reputation

Some world quests will reward commendations. These commendations from world quests are 60- 100 reputation with a certain faction. Remember that you will always get reputation with factions tied to different world quests, this is extra reputation. 

  • Extra World Quests

You unlock even more world quests via the Renown factions. 

- Dragonscale Expedition
RANK 7 - Unlocks Rock Climbing World quests. You basically rock climb to gather certain materials and when completed you will be rewarded with the normal rewards from world quests. The reputation is not added (yet) on the Beta, but will most likely be 50 reputation with Dragonscale Expedition. 

- Dragonscale Expedition
RANK 9 - Unlocks Cataloging. You basically Ride the Cataloger' s Raft. While riding the raft you will take pictures of aanimals and the better pictures, the faster you complete the world quest. Completing this quest rewards 50 reputation with Dragonscale Expedition. 

-  Valdrakken Accord
RANK 8 - Unlocks Dragonriding world quests. By completing the race, you complete the world quest. On beta, it rewards only 10 reputation, but will most likely change to 50. 
It can also reward a Dragon Racer´s Purse which contains gold, Dragon Isles Supplies and a chance for a Drakewatcher´s Manuscript (transmog for your dragon). 

- Maruuk Centaur
Coming soon

- Iskaara Tuskarr
Coming soon. 




4 Oct 2022