Dragonflight Weekly Quest changes

When you reach max level on your first character, you will unlock access to a weekly quest in Valdrakken. If you play an alt character after that, your alt character will have access to the weekly quest directly when reaching Dragon Isles. The quest giver is called Therazaland located next to the fountain in Valdrakken (see map for location)

The weekly quest is called Aiding the Accord and the objectives to complete it differ. In Dragonflight, you will unlock events via the Renown system and once you have unlocked these events, you will see that they will also be a part of your weekly quest rotation. 

Here are examples of different weekly quests that I´ve seen on beta: 

  • Earn 4000 reputation that can be gathered from all reputation sources. 
  • Earn 3000 reputation + complete a Community Feast event
  • Earn 3000 reputation + complete The Hunt event
  • Earn 3000 reputation + complete Dragonbane Keep event

Rewards from Weekly Quest

Once you complete a weekly quest, you will be rewarded with: 

  • A Valdrakken Treasure
  • 500 reputation with Dragonscale Expedition
  • 500 reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr
  • 500 reputation with Maruuk Centaur
  • 500 reputation with Valdrakken Accord


The Valdrakken Treasure contains:

  • 5 Primal Chaos (An optional reagent used for crafting powerful items and equipment)
  • 1 Dragon Shard of Knowledge (Turn it in for Artisan´s Mettle and Profession Specialization talent tree points). 
  • 382 ilvl gear
  • 250 Dragon Isles Supplies (used as a currency in many vendors in Dragon Isles)
4 Nov 2022