Dragonflight has War Supply Crates

Similar to Battle for Azeroth expansion, we are getting War Supply Crates in Dragonflight. 

This is a open world PvP chest what you will see when having Warmode on. 

An airplane will pass one of the four areas in Dragon Isles; The Waking Shores, Ohn´aran Plains, Thaldraszus and The Azure Span. It will drop the crate somewhere in its passage. It will always start from one sie and fly through to the other. 

The crate it drops is a chest that you can loot (if you don´t get killed by other player of the opposite faction. If it is like it was in BFA, then everyone in your faction has a chance to loot it while it is up and it stays up for 30 sec. 

You can also see the War Supply Crate location when zooming out over entire Dragon Isles. 

19 Oct 2022