Dragonflight has Paragon Reputation Rewards

Same as previous expansions, we are getting more rewards once reaching the maximum reputation with a faction. Reaching above Renown level 25 will unlock paragon reputation. 

Once reached you can see your Paragon rep when mouseovering that faction on the Dragon Isles Summary, which is a Supply Satchel. Based on what faction it is, that satchel is tied to that rep name. In Dragonflight, it is called "Maximum Renown".  

Each time you reach 2000 Paragon reputation, you will be rewarded with a chest. But you have to go to the Keeper of Renown for that faction in order to receive your reward. 

I have opened one Overflowing Maruuk Centaur Supply Satchel, but unfortunately, it only contained 95 Dragon Isles Supplies. 


9 Oct 2022