Dragonflight: Farm Renown reputation with Gold

One of the reputation factions in Dragonflight is called Iskaara Tuskarr. This reputation faction is part of the four factions that have Renown levels. Check out this page for the rewards. 

There are different ways to farm reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr which I will cover in another blog post. This guide is about one of the different ways to farm reputation with them, and that is basically, the more gold you have, the more reputation you can buy. Not directly, but indirectly of course. 

You need to reach Renown 4 with Iskaara Tuskarr reputation faction.
Once you reach Renown 4, you have unlocked “Fishing Holes” which unlocks the ability to find rare fish pools in unique fishing holes around Dragon Isles that are also known for their great bounty of activities. 

Open your map over the Dragon Isles and look for a Hook icon, I call it the Maui Hook. This is a location of a Fishing Hole. Head over there. 

Once there, you will find several daily quest givers. One of them is a quest giver that you turn in fish to complete and you can do that over and over. 

There are 6 types of fish:

  • Scabelly Mackeral
  • Thousandbite Piranha
  • Aileron Seamoth
  • Cerulean Spinefish
  • Temporal Dragonhead
  • Islefin Dorado

You can turn in 10 of the same fish and be rewarded with 5 reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr. You also increase the % of chance to find certain fish in the area and set out nets. 

Since these quests are repeatable, you can basically buy as much as you can afford from the auction house and turn them in here. Go for the cheapest fish, since there are 6 different ones you can choose between. 

Remember that this is beta and might change before it goes live. 

26 Sep 2022