Dragonflight Event: Community Feast


Every 3.5 hour, there is a community feast starting in Iskaara in The Azure Span. This Community Feast is all about following the chef´s order when he is cooking a soup.

The event lasts for 15 minutes and during this time you will complete minor tasks for Big Knook. He will give you instructions on what to do. These tasks can be:

  • Get some item from one of the vendors
  • Get some item that is lying in a certain location in Iskaara
  • Attack Tough Carp (tenderize)
  • Stomp Hermits around the pot
  • Fishing for a specific fish
  • Toss back escaping fish 

All players, alliance and horde are helping out with this community feast. 

While doing the different tasks, you get aroma points. This aroma is tied to the soup quality. 

The event starts with 0/150 Soup Quality which is “poor”. 

Once players collected 150 aroma, special add comes to attack the pot and you cannot do any tasks while they are alive. Killing the adds let´s you continue with the tasks. It also levels up the soup quality. 

There are 7 levels of soup quality. 


Aroma points for next level













When the timer is over (the 15 min), the soup will have the quality that you reached. Interacting and tasting the soup will give you a buff that is active for when outdoor in Dragon Isles. This buff increases your Versatility and health with higher number based on the quality of the soup. 

When there are many players, you will complete around 15-20 tasks. Each task rewards 20 reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr. So an entire Community feast rewards around 300-400 reputation, and remember that you can do this task every 3.5 hour. 

Here are the exact timers on beta at the moment that Lazey @patf0rd investigated. 

Daily Community Feast Quest

Once a week you can complete another quest. There is an NPC called Pleeqi that is located just next to the big pot. This quest is tied to the Community Feast. To complete this quest, you have to complete 5 tasks in the Community Feast. This will reward 

  • 500 reputation with Iskaara Tuskarr
  • Supply-Laden Soup pot
    This pot contains
    - 100 Dragon Isles Supplies
    - Fish- Cooking ingredients
    - 3 Dragon Isles Artifacts
    - 372 ilvl gear


22 Oct 2022