Dragonflight Creation Catalyst - Class Sets

By Blizzard

When Sets returned as a major endgame feature in 9.2, we debuted the Creation Catalyst as a tool for players to access and complete their sets, with the following goals:

Players of all types should have access to powerful bonuses and fun appearances even if raiding is not their preferred method of engagement.

New and returning players “catching up” should not have a monumental task to become ready to fight alongside friends.

WoW can confidently carry the system forward as an evergreen feature for players to learn and understand intuitively.

We think those goals were met. And while there’s room for improvement (both in understanding the means by which charges accrue, as well tuning prohibitive currency costs for alts), we’re happy to say that the Catalyst (which will be known as the Inspiration Catalyst in Dragonflight, and just the ‘Catalyst’ moving forward) will return to the Isles as a companion system to Class Sets for the foreseeable future.

When the Catalyst becomes available in Dragonflight Season 1, there will not be a new currency. Instead, there will be a weekly quest that simply requires doing the same sorts of group content that provide you with Catalyst-eligible gear in the first place. Notably:

  • All characters on your WoW account can contribute progress towards completing this quest.

  • Completing the quest awards 1 charge to all current and future characters on your WoW account.

  • Each of your characters can spend charges individually.

So, if you have done the quest 3 three times, and used 3 charges on your main character, a new alt that reaches level 70 will have 3 charges of their own available.

4 Nov 2022