Dragonflight Beta reputation and Renown update

By Blizzard

Some changes were recently made that affected Reputation and Renown. As we have added different sources of Reputation, it became harder to reward amounts that felt meaningful. As a result, we made a variety of changes to Reputation rewards alongside increases to the Reputation needed per Renown rank from 1000 to 2500.

Here is a breakdown of some of these changes:

  • Some (previously weekly) World Quests have become dailies, while the frequency of some others were increased to twice per week.
  • We’ve lowered the Renown level requirements of certain activities, such as climbing quests, cataloging quests, and the Siege of Dragonbane, so that players hit the unlock sooner.
  • Level-up quests have been adjusted so that players are reaching max level with most of the activities unlocking.
  • The Weekly Wrapper quest now changes slightly each week. The Reputation requirement will go up, but the overall increased Reputation gains should result in a lower completion time for most players.

Note: This will not change the Renown of existing test characters, so players who wish to test this will want to create a new test character.

10 Oct 2022