Demon Hunter - starting questline


Years ago, Sargeras created Mardum to imprison demons. He also created the Sargerite Keystone to lock them away.

But when the Titan decided to burn all of creation, he shattered Mardum, sending its fragments hurtling throughout the Twisting Nether. Thus was born the Burning Legion.

Sargeras safeguarded his keystone on this particular fragment. It´s a “skeleton key”, allowing access to any Legion world. It´s also the key to Illidan´s plan for the Legion destruction.

Illidan wants Sargeras´s keystone, which is the crux of Illidans plan to defeat the Burning Legion.

Illidan has placed you in charge to travel to Mardum, and retrieve the Sargeras´s keystone.

Your task is to activate 3 gateways so that Illidan´s forces (Ashtongue,  Coilskar Nagas and Shivarra demonesses ) can enter Mardum and help you retrieve the keystone. Even thou Black Temple is under attack during this stage, you have been chosen for the task, the greater “good”.

At the beginning of the questline you will achieve the awesome Demon Hunter mount, Felsaber.

After retrieving the keystone

You and other Demon Hunters have been captured, after your return and imprisoned in stasis for 10 years. In the Vault of the Wardens, you are freed by Maiev Shadowsong, for one reason, the Legion is here.

Vault of the Wardens is full of Demon Hunters imprisoned, including Illidan. Your task is to free the Demon Hunter prisoners, fight your way through demons and escape the vault.

Once out, you will meet Khadgar that seeks your, and the other Demon Hunter´s aid against the Legion. He takes you to Dalaran for further instructions.

29 Jan 2016