How to open your Cypher Console anywhere

Instead of heading to the cypher console everytime, you can make a macro and check it anytime you want. 

The macro is:

/run C_Garrison.GetCurrentGarrTalentTreeID=(function() return 474 end)
/run OrderHall_LoadUI() OrderHallTalentFrame:SetGarrisonType(111, 474);
/run ToggleOrderHallTalentUI();

Make sure that it is written exact as above. 

How to make a macro

Open chat and type /macro.
A UI will pop up. 
Furthest down to the right, there is a button that says "New", click on it. 

Here you write what you want your macro to be called, and you choose an icon for it. 

When that is completed, paste the macro text written above into the box and press save. 

Now you can drag that macro icon anywhere you want on your bars and use it. 



25 Feb 2022